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Tiger Shroff baaghi workout complete body transformation, fitness, abs and muscle building secrets


Tiger Shroff who started off his career with a clear box office hit "Heropanti" for which he won the award for best debut, has collaborated once again with his mentors Sabbir Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala for with the release of his next movie baaghi. Tiger left no stone unturned for his role preparation as a rebel who fights for his love in the movie. Tiger is seen practicing hours for his action sequences in the movie.

Tiger is passionate about developing and hits the gym regularly without interruption. Tiger's  skills in gymnastics and martial arts come in handy everytime. Also being a fitness freak he also plays football and practice kickboxing and gymnastics to chisel his physique. Lets move on the workout plan of tiger for Baaghi for which he has workout out altogether differently this time.

Day 1- Chest
Flat bench: 10 sets
Incline bench: 10 sets
Dumbbell Press: 10 sets
Chest flye: 10 sets

Day 2- Cardio and Martial arts training

Day 3- Arms
Olympic barbell curls with 55 kg of weight: 10 sets
Barbell curls with weights 32 kg: 10 sets
Reverse curls with weight 30 kg: 10 sets
Close grip barbell presses: 10 sets

Day 4- Cardio and Martial arts training


Day 5- Back
Pull-ups: 10 sets
Machines Side drop-down lists (75-80kg): 4 sets
Low dumbbell rollers and an arm 80 kg: 10 sets

Day 6- Cardio and Martial arts training

Day 7- Legs
Squats with a weight of 190 kg on the shoulders: 4 sets
Hamstring curls with weights 90 kg: 4 sets
Step-up with a weight 90 kg: 4 sets
Dumbbells: 4 sets
Free Squats: 4 sets

When asked about his preparation for the role Tiger said "Preparation for your character is extremely significant and so I am dedicating my time to it. The idea is to keep getting better at what I do and have something new to offer each time, ”

Tiger shroff's stunt training for baaghi :

The type of martial arts that he has to learn for this movie is "Kalariyapattu". The crew on the sets of baaghi said that Tiger spents a lot of time to get the postures and techniques of Kalaripayattu right. Though Tiger is trained in taekwondo and wushu, Kalaripayattu is new to him. Check out the video of kalaripayattu which is said to be first martial arts of the world.

When asked from Tiger about his training in Kalaripayattu he said " “I underwent extensive training in Kalaripayattu before we started shooting. It was an enriching experience.”

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