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Salman khan sultan intense workout session hard training secrets all revealed


Salman Khan who is playing the role of a wrestler in  ‘Sultan’ has trained very hard for the movie. The movie has a very demanding physique for which Salman has undergo complete transformation and has exhausted the star because of the training and demanding schedule of the movie.
Salman is being trained by a Hollywood fight choreographer Larnell Stovall for the action sequences of the movie which has left the superstar in deep pain because of demanding routine for the training. Salman said "I am a wrestler who goes into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). It’s a different league of fitness. I have been training for the past few weeks and my head, back and knee are hurting. Everything is hurting, actually,”

Salman Khan workout routine plan all revealed secrets to his muscular bulky physique


How did Salman Khan get so ripped ? People usually assume its steroids but thats really not the case.

Salman Khan Fitness Trainer said :

His body structure is not like a body builder's but good muscles, perfectly in shape and no fat” as he is very particular and serious about his workout and once in the gym