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Phil Heath diet complete Nutrition Plan olympia muscle gaining meal



Transforming himself from a Basketball player to a Professional Bodybuilder, took him only a few years to win his first professional bodybuilding show and few more to win his first Olympia title . Phil Heath treats his gym like work place and train hard with appropriate diet . Phil heath has got huge muscular body which is completely ripped with astonishing muscular additions and many valuable changes in his body ,which shows his determination towards his diet and workout in Bodybuilding .


The difference between a Bodybuilder who strode into Gold's Venice in 2005 to 4 time Mr Olympia is 60 pounds as he was 215-pounds at that time is now 275-pounds and for this he has to add 60 pounds lean muscle on his body which is a big deal with ample clarity of muscle as in Olympia not many Bodybuilders take 3rd position in the debut , was like winning a lottery for him but underneath was immense hard work that he had put in to get there.