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Chris Hemsworth Diet plan for thor complete meal plan secrets


What was Chris Hemsworth Diet schedule ??

Chris Hemsworth described his diet and reacted to it and said that  “ protein shakes, boiled chicken and Chicken breasts … clean meats, the right carbs are stuff i used to have”


Kim Kardashian diet complete exact wedding diet plan , lost 43 kgs weight loss secrets all revealed


Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashian has a body that many women would die for but it really isn’t that difficult to achieve similar results.  One just has to be disciplined  with eating and exercise .  Kim’s diet is rather high in calories and low in nutritents. To fix it up Kim Kardashian needs up the fruits and veggie tables  big time ! she says .

Kim Kardashian is one of these celebrities that is constantly in the latest “Weight Loss Program” or “The Diet” or  “Fitness machines“.