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Tips to keep in mind post competition , complete diet and workout tips for lean muscle gain and avoid excess bodyfat



Ones you get involved in competitive bodybuilding for a point of time in your life you would surely know that what is "post contest rebound" and how a bodybuilder goes through phases of bodybuilding from getting hard as granite with shrinked and water retentive catastrophe because this is common to all of them , all the bodybuilders as bodybuilding goes through certain phases . We have described them as follow :


IGF-1, testosterone and (GH) human growth hormone are hormones to play a effective role in muscle devoplment and growth



Bodybuilders of early  times used to train with short rest periods between sets as less rest  with intense training leads to increases in GH(human growth hormone) and testosterone.

Earlier people used to feel that testosterone increases muscle mass as it stimulates fractional muscle protein synthesis added to it was increase in muscle anabolism associates  with increase in expression of mRNA IGF-I . Now we will discuss some Testosterone effects of muscle mass in body :


Salman Khan workout routine plan all revealed secrets to his muscular bulky physique


How did Salman Khan get so ripped ? People usually assume its steroids but thats really not the case.

Salman Khan Fitness Trainer said :

His body structure is not like a body builder's but good muscles, perfectly in shape and no fat” as he is very particular and serious about his workout and once in the gym