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Ranbir Kapoor Workout routine for Bombay Velvet complete body secrets



Ranbir Kapoor is Bollywood's heartthrob who is is greatly influenced by his grandfather Raj Kapoor which shows in his acting skills as well. Ranbir has naturally fit body as he wants it to look slim which is the reason he doesn't really belives in working out hard. Ranbir these days is quite a famous for his slim and chiseled physique as Ranbir does practice a lot of sports to maintain his fitness.

To maintain such physique takes a lot of motivation and discipline and despite being busy with his shooting schedule he takes out time regularly to workout and keep up his training sessions with his personal trainer.
Ranbir Kapoor uses Sanjay's Dutt's gym when he is in Mumbai at home and work's out for an hour in which he does his training as well as cardio warm up sessions.

Ranbir Kapoor Workout Routine:

Ranbir is a fitness freak person but he is certainly not a gym guy who wants to spend all the time in gym, before the start of his workout session his trainer makes him do a little cardio exercise and circuit training,  coming to his cardio training Ranbir prefers running over other cardio exercises. He does training 4 times a week which lasts about an hour.

Ranbir is truly dedicated towards his workout and diet regime to maintain such physique for which his personal trainer Pardeep Bhatia travels with him and makes sure that Ranbir gets the right combination of diet and training, also doesn't miss out a single diet module or training session.While doing his workout and cardio Ranbir likes to listen to music which bring in the necessary thought process of workout

His Workout routine starts with cardio for 5-10 minutes to warm his body up, Crunches, Pull ups. Ranbir focuses on two different body parts each day such as triceps-biceps, shoulder-leg and so on. Ranbir loves to do exercises that are done with dumbbells rather than keeping them to machines. Ranbir after the workout  cover up the necessary stretching exercises to cool down his muscles of body.



A lot of stress on abdominal muscles, likes to play sports such as football, kick-boxing  and practice them regularly. He also plays football to maintain his body shape. Ranbir loves to run on treadmill and loves running which is his favorite cardio exercise. Ranbir also work's out with stability ball as he has one in his room.
Ranbir believes in eating  right more than gyming  so he keeps a regular check on what he eats. also he drinks a lot of water throughout the day, also he uses Supplements prescribed by his trainer in some adequate amount such as multi vitamins, whey protein shakes twice a day to maintain protein consumption in the body, ones before the workout and ones after the workout before going to bed.

For his upcoming movie Bombay Velet in which Ranbir is being potraited as a boxer, Ranbir has to keep up his fitness level high as he has to undergo a complete transformation of his body for which he had worked really hard and did sweet it out regularly at the gym to maintain his physique. Pardeep Bhatia has been training Ranbir from last 3 years for which he has been maintaining Ranbir's physique and diet who was also the personal trainer of his mom for quite a few time. Due to his busy schedule Ranbir's trainer who can travels with him always and be with him on his movie sets and take care of his workout and diet regime and make sure that Ranbir doesn't miss out his workout or diet.
Ranbir Kapoor's trainer Pardeep Bhatia's training secrets for Ranbir :
Pardeep calls Ranbir a foodie with less appetite, says that Ranbir is fond of sports, outdoor games such as football, swimming and running as he is not a hardcore gym boy which one can make out from his physique  but he does like to work on his chest and back, doesn't really like to work on his legs which he finds painful and loves to listen to music while working out, which he does 4 times a week.

Ranbir Kapoor workout Tips:
Ranbir drinks a lot of water throughout the day while shooting and with in the meals.
Despite being busy with his shooting schedule, he never miss his workout schedule.
Ranbir tries to play a lot of sports such as football to maintain his fitness.

Ranbir Kapoor's Recommendations for his Fans:
Ranbir believes that diet and workout are the building blocks of body, even if one is blessed with a good body, one shouldn't quit the discipline of eating right and regular exercising as they strengthen your body's core and prepare you for old ages.



Ranbir says that if you are actually concealed by fats then you are lucky because fats prompt you to switch to healthiest way of living. As people who are lean who really don't need to stick to the healthiest way of living to look perfect do not get the pleasure of exercising and proper diet, but they are unaware that being sleek doesn't make them look healthier but it does lay a foundation of sick and diseased body.

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