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Karan Singh Grover workout routine for chiseled physique ripped abs all exercises and fitness secrets revealed


Karan Singh Grover is  bollywood heartthrob who started as an indian television actor and model. Initially Karan began his career in television from Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi Ekta Kapoor on MTV India . But the character for which he got maximum recognition was of Dr. Armaan Mallik in Dill Mill Gayye. Also Karan Singh Grover is remembered for being a national-level athlete.

Karan Singh Grover went to Saudi Arabia for six years. He completed his schooling in Dammam , Saudi Arabia and then returned to Mumbai and received his diploma in Management Studies from the HMI Hotel Mumbai, Dadar Catering College and that was the place where he decided to pursue his original career plan- acting. The actor was more than determined to make his career in film industry on his own terms for which he has some secret workouts that can make you strong in body and mind.

Karan has battled with several injuries but still "his six-pack physique is his best companion," and the secret behind his success is his persistence and hardwork to keep going. Karan Singh Grover said that when he feels like giving up, that's when he pushes himself the most. "If my mind tells me that I should skip my workout, that's when I feel the need to stretch myself the most."

Karan has a rule that body-mind connection  is what makes you persistent and dedicated and this do-or-die attitude of living your life on your terms is what has kept him going, in spite of no Bollywood backing to lead him into the B-Town.

Karan Singh Grover workout routine:

Karan is equipped with toned physique and for that you need to have the right kind of motivation to keep you going as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have been his source of inspiration from a very young age when he was just 16. As when it comes to working out Karan pays a great deal of attention. He leaves nothing behind to keep his body healthy and in shape. Karan has been following a broader approach for his workout as the primary aim for exercising is to boost your energy and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Karan hits gym five times in a week and never likes to miss out on any of these 5 days and If he misses gym in the morning, he catches up with it in the evening. Karan workout routine is divided into two parts i.e. cardio workouts and weight training. Weight training includes training a single muscle a day as special heed to one particular muscle at a time is required for the development of muscle is what he said. Karan has allocated his days on the basis of various muscles and body parts.

Karan-Singh-Grover-bodySession 1: Cardio- 40 min

Karan also makes sure to end his workouts with stretches which include a lot of sports and other activities in his workout as well like swimming, running, B-boying, etc

Session 2: Weight training- 60 min

Karan also says that there is a need to bring variation in exercises to have a fit body and gives utmost importance to his training techniques and methods rather than blindly exercising.

Monday- toning his back muscles

Tuesday- chest and shoulder workouts.

Wednesday- arms

Thursday- legs workouts.

When you put on a weight during an injury period or due to some reason Karan has methodology to get yourself back on track and follow this quick magic trick which includes plenty of Water, lots of food rich in fiber, protein shake, for it is effective in magnifying muscles rather than calories. Karan drinks occasionally and that too wine because he feels that it is good for your health and strongly opposes smoking.

 Karan Singh Grover workout video:

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