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Its High Time For gymming ! gym plan routine , tips to better planning and healthy and workout tips



Gymming starts today :

C'mmmon guys .. Its high time for all all the gymming freaks to have some tough time now for a outlook you always longed for !!  You may feel gymming boring in your initial days .. but trust me it will prove to be athe best and most fruitfull once you start enjoying it !! The only path to healthy life is your focus and interest !!

Start it today and feel d difference .. !! Here are some of the proven facts dat are mandatory to inculcate those in you so as to gym with results that are shocking .

Facts to be kept in mind while gymming :- workout tips

  • The foremost thing is your interest . Anything that does not have ur interest will not pay you later . !! Whether its from history and lifes of most successfull gymmers or landmark professionals in there fields ,  success only comes to those who have there full-faith interest in the field whatever it may be !
  • Next comes your FOCUS ! Interest may be there but focussing and understanding the situation is what all matters !! Get into the thing deep and understand it , mark d parts u lack behind as well as dose you are good at ! You cant leave any of them but it just helps u to work on both of them in a better way !!
  • Punctuality and respect for the work you do is some of the things you should'nt forget while gymming !
  • The very important part of the gymming schedule is how you plan up your week in d gym !! refer to the various schedules given and adopt the best among them whether it may be double muscle or single muscle training !!
  • After you are done with your workout it comes the diet that your muscle requires just after the hard training !! It should be well enriched with proteins and should be taken within 15-20 mins of workout !


  • Along with the workout , the other main component that comes into account while gymming is your whole day routine !! Proteins , carbo , vitamins , amino should all be taken into account while choosing your diet intake !
  • Diet-Gymming is a 50-50 ratio component !
  • Those looking out to impress the girls with a 6pack abs needs to understand the very basic fact- " Abs are made in the kitchen " !!
  • Your muscle needs different exercises everytime you go to gym the same muscle !! same muscle training approachs to average muscle growth which then comes to a hault ..!! For extra growth you'll have to change the schedule and exerises that you do !
  • Proper sleep and rest is demanded by your muscle to grow properly !! min 8-10hrs sleep is recommended !!
  • Very basic muscles like legs and stomach training are generally left out by many of the gym lovers , but let me claridy the thing to you these muscles if trained give a proper and strangth to d whole body !! So its as important to train these muscles as others are !

       Dont take gymming as part of schedule ,, take it as a part of your life and you will surely be successful !!

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