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Tips to keep in mind post competition , complete diet and workout tips for lean muscle gain and avoid excess bodyfat



Ones you get involved in competitive bodybuilding for a point of time in your life you would surely know that what is "post contest rebound" and how a bodybuilder goes through phases of bodybuilding from getting hard as granite with shrinked and water retentive catastrophe because this is common to all of them , all the bodybuilders as bodybuilding goes through certain phases . We have described them as follow :


Kai Greene from mr olompiya share secrets and tips about bodybuilding and muscle growth and devoplment to grow and recover muscle faster


What does it need to grow and develop muscle  is the most important question about muscle growth ? how is it possible ?

What are the effective and correct measures to be taken to build muscle faster  ?

What is that thing that certain people grow muscle faster than the others and other people don’t?


Its High Time For gymming ! gym plan routine , tips to better planning and healthy and workout tips



Gymming starts today :

C'mmmon guys .. Its high time for all all the gymming freaks to have some tough time now for a outlook you always longed for !!  You may feel gymming boring in your initial days .. but trust me it will prove to be athe best and most fruitfull once you start enjoying it !! The only path to healthy life is your focus and interest !!


Motivational Videos : This would help u out in getting extra motivated in your initial dates !! Thumbs up !!

Motivational Videos: no-pain-no-gain

                            The video will give you a flashback of every bodypart muscle training !! Whether it is Chest , back , tricep , bicep or shoulders !!



How is it different when Getting motivated through Motivational videos  :

Gymming is sometymes boring and u need to get motivated and then get bak to your gym n crack out everything !! this would really help u out personalizing your own skilss !! Gymming and fitness is all about passion !! bt passion needs some motivation !! inner motivation that your passion provides you both in hand in hand .. and the external motivational which is also required for 100% focus !! here are some videos that will keep u motivated and focus towards your target !!