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Shahrukh Khan Diet regime secrets for happy new year all revealed




Shahrukh Khan doesn’t eat any rice or bread and only eats grilled food. He drinks lots of water, no alcohol and no desserts . Shahrukh Khan recommends eating a piece of fruit if you have a craving for something sweet and drinking between two and three liters of water each day. Shahrukh Khan pretty strict when it comes to his diet , he doesn’t even snack on food between meals.


Hrithik Roshan Diet Secrets to 6 pack abs for absolute zero fat fitiness


What are Hrithik Roshan Advises on Diet Plan ?

He eats only roasted meat and vegetables and avoids any fatty food and drinks a lot of water. Hrithik changed his nutrition plan weekly, sometimes daily, based on his condition and body weight. The secret behind his muscles is his frequent workout plan and a well designed nutritious diet which he never misses to follow .


Salman Khan Diet plan to his killer muscular body all revealed


What kind of a diet is required to get a body like Salman khan ?

A balanced diet is one which provides our body with all the suitable nutrients that help in maintaining an healthy and a fit body . An individual body requires all the nutrients like proteins , carbohydrates , fat , fibre and minerals to maintain a healthy body .


Chris Hemsworth Diet plan for thor complete meal plan secrets


What was Chris Hemsworth Diet schedule ??

Chris Hemsworth described his diet and reacted to it and said that  “ protein shakes, boiled chicken and Chicken breasts … clean meats, the right carbs are stuff i used to have”