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Akshay kumar workout secrets complete fitness routine super fit body regime


Akshay kumar workout :

Akshay kumar does not even care when he exercises . Akshay kumar does not follow a work-out routine on a regular basis.  It could even be at 2 am. If you found him on the Juhu beach very early in the morning, akshay is there to practice kick-boxing. and also shadow-boxing .


Shahrukh Khan Workout Regime 8 pack secrets complete fitness revealed



Did Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan's six packs impress you?

 Shahrukh Khan Workout :

Shah Rukh Khan revealed his six-pack abs to the world . Shahrukh Khan believes it's important to allow muscles time to recover and suggests that you only lift weights and train your abdominal muscles four times a week , resting one day in between strength training. However, one needs to sweat , cardio will help you lose body fat to reveal your six-pack abs to the world .


Hrithik Roshan Workout plan secrets to greek god body 6 packs


What are Hrithik Roshan Advises on Muscle Building  ?

Hrithik Roshan :

Hrithik Roshan was born in the year 1974 to actor , The actor has an extra thumb on his right hand. He has been known to be called the Indian Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson and also well known for his super hard work in gym with a stunning body which he has been gifted with a rare kind .


Salman Khan workout routine plan all revealed secrets to his muscular bulky physique


How did Salman Khan get so ripped ? People usually assume its steroids but thats really not the case.

Salman Khan Fitness Trainer said :

His body structure is not like a body builder's but good muscles, perfectly in shape and no fat” as he is very particular and serious about his workout and once in the gym