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Arjun Rampal workout routine secrets for Roy , all muscle and fitness secrets to a great chiseled body



Considered as Greek God of Bollywood for his muscular physique, killer looks and a charming appeal has made Arjun Rampal an Actor which do not go unnoticed. Arjun Rampal being a famous Indian model who got into acting later on, debuted in Bollywood through movie “Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat” which din turn out to be a huge hit but Arjun got noticed for his charming personality and acting skills and later on received a national award for his acting shills for "Rock On". He has given some major block busters such as Ra-one, Om shanti Om and Rajneeti.

Arjun Rampal is an Indian hunk considered the last word of body basics, never seems to age. has attained such a physique which could help youngsters to best their body.

Arjun Rampal is the one to understand the need of his body, what does it require to build muscle and the reason which put him on the page of Men's health magazine being the brand ambassador for his superhero abs, adding to it Arjun is all genetically blessed as well.

From his career high's to extreme low's Arjun Rampal silenced all his detractors who felt him being a non actor with his national award which he got for "Rock On". Ends up summing it up saying that it all boils down to attitude in the end. Your attitude can define your life. Be confident and you will end up making yourself more attractive.



Arjun has been an athlete during his school days and has won 400 metre stretch for Tamil Nadu as he has been a sports lover and also loves to play cricket, football whenever he gets time out of his busy schedule of shooting

Arjun Rampal workout routine

A good approach to grow fit lets your body react to your efforts the right way and to experiment with food and exercises you have been doing. Arjun have been through faces to being completely fit to time he have grown fat and put on weight but the time he gets back to his routine, his body knows what he has to do which he calls is muscle memory and one attains its perfect look which is all about being in symmetry.

Arjun Rampal's trainer Zarine Watson is the men lying behind the body that Arjun Rampal carries, introduced him to core training which has helped him increase his inner strength.

To maintain his fitness Arjun practices Tabato which is a high intensity regimen. A training cycle of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest with maximum intensity, repeated with pause, doing this eight times for a total of four minutes. There is a need to maintain variation always as somtimes his workout regime consists of only 40 minutes and sometimes it may stretch's upto 90 minutes.

 Arjun spent like countless number of hours in gym for his movies which is his utter determination to form the physique he is seen into, as a guy of height 6.1 was a skinny kid his school days and kick started his workout from his college days so that he can transform his physique into an athletic one. Arjun was very clear as he never wanted a Body builder type of physique. He says"I personally don't go and lift heavy weights. Not because I can't but because I don't. I prefer light weights as I don't wish to exert too much. To me, fitness is not about having bulging muscles. Adding to it he said try to eat healthy. It's the most important part. Everything begins with what you let inside your body"

A mix of pumping iron in the gym and eating right is the right combo that has helped Arjun Rampal to be what he is now,  to attain such a chiseled body he has formed and seen in no a days. A rigorous workout session for 2 months to get it into right for the role of a charming director for his movie Roy. He works out of 5 days a week and focus has always been on two body parts per day that is chest-tricep on day one. Tricep-back on day 2 and so on.

His workout routine starts and goes through the following :

  •  stretching before start to exercise to warm up the body.
  • Running for 15 minutes.
  • 20 minutes on treadmill.
  • Then starts with lower back exercises.
  • 2 body parts each day which takes about 50-60 minutes with 10 second rest between each set.
  • 2500 sit ups.
  • 8 sets of Tabata.
  • 10 minutes rest.


When asked in a interview regarding his fitness secret Arjun said " I don't look at working out as a necessary evil of the profession i am in, There's much more to it than just looking good or sculpting a great physique. It's about getting in touch with your body and reaching a certain level of focus. Being fit helps me improve my concentration, my will power and even my determination".

 Arjun's Fitness Secret for Roy-

The experience that Arjun has gathered over training from so many years has been put into this interview of him in which he says that your biceps, calves and neck should be of the same size as anything bigger or smaller will end up in wrong direction for you. He also adds that most men ignore working out on legs and gluts, never realizing that they are the pillar of our core.

 The major secret to his fitness is that he knows that there is no shortcut to fitness, for which he follows a healthy lifestyle to stay in shape. His workout routine comprises of being a tough one does not follow any diet to stay in shape which he has already showcased in Ra-one. For it he remained very strict with himself and gave all what it takes to be as fit as he is.

Arjun Rampal's fitness advise" He says respect your body and do not exercise excessively without any supervision as you can hurt your body. Also follow some outdoor physical activity which will help you stay fit and focus should be on developing more and more stamina.

Arjun's Fitness Mantras :

Arjun's way of exercising in gym is not to follow the same schedule again and again. As its always good to keep changing your routine and trying out new regimes, also repetitions in cardio will get you focus better on shape. Adding to it not to workout recklessly as it will burn your energy out. Being an actor he has to follow a busy schedule so his way is when you are able to hit the gym you have to keep yourself engaged in other activities such as cycling, swimming or walking. For getting fit you don't need to hit the gym you can swim, jog, run and can play tennis and maintain the fitness.

Working out on the full body is the key to attain the right balance that has to be maintained. So the prime focus as stated above should be on the stamina although rather than how much weight you are lifting.

Arjun Rampal Workout video with all his workout session :

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