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Arjun Rampal diet regime for his movie Roy and all meal secrets to build pure muscle



Arjun Rampal is an Indian hunk considered the last word of body basics, never seems to age. has attained such a physique which could help youngsters to best their body. Arjun Rampal is the one to understand the need of his body, what does it require to build muscle and the reason which put him on the page of Men's health magazine being the brand ambassador for his superhero abs, adding to it Arjun is all genetically blessed as well.
Arjun Kapoor is surely a well admired actor in industry for his  great persona he projects . Arjun Rampal is a foodie by heart and when it comes to eating, he is not very rigid and loves various delicacies.
When it comes to Arjun Rampal' diet plan he says that it is not about dieting, it is all about eating intelligently so that you can fit yourself in the right frame, that you have dreamt to get into. Taking care of your body and face to be hygienic is essential, irrespective of your gender or profession, Arjun says.

Arjun Rampal’s Diet plan:

Arjun tries to have more number of meals in a day that also in smaller quantities rather consuming three large meals. Also being blessed with a good metabolism that helps him to stay away from extra fat to get on his body and burn unwanted carb intake. Arjun consumes 5 meals a day.
All he has to make sure is his diet has a lot a protein and a lot of carbs. He ensures every meal has proteins and lots of carbs. 'About an hour and a half later, I have scrambled egg whites along with a wheat toast.'



–     Breakfast:  a couple of egg whites, 2 whole grain toasts, , fruits-papaya/banana/apple.

–     Lunch:  2 chapatis with dal, whole grain bread sandwiches, sabzi, roasted chicken.

–     Dinner:   Arjun avoids carbs for dinner post 9:00 pm, includes mostly salads and carbless fruits .

After consuming his breakfast Arjun kick starts his Workout regime which starts with a warm up included some running and stretching exercises like cardio,followed with lower back exercises. After this he consumes the other part of his breakfast with some water and a little rest then does  2500 sit ups and about 8 sets of Tabata. He practices Tabata which is a high intensity training exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest. Also does Yoga which he got inspired from Kareena Kapoor on sets of Ra-one
A balanced lunch and dinner by 9pm works for him. For Arjun, though, looking good is not just about the body. The right clothes and grooming to define your attitude are also important. Grooming, he reminds, is about taking care of oneself and not just about being cool.

For his shooting schedule Arjun is very particular about his role and works very hard to get into the right look and also gives up carbs for a few days before the shoot. He tries to include some specific diet products in his regime such as cashwenuts and walnuts, also a healthy amount of water through out the day. He also tries to consume as much fruit as he can during his breaks in shoots. Before getting to bed he also indulges into black coffee with a little sugar in it.



Arjun Rampal's fitness advice:
The focus, he says, should also be on one's goal in life. 'Stay focused. Work hard. And always remember: a healthy body equals a healthy mind!' he sums up.

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