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Arjun Kapoor diet plan weight loss complete transformation secrets revealed



Arjun Kapoor diet regime plays a crucial role in his transformation from being fat to fit as he has to give up on so many things and strictly follow his diet regime so that he can achieve his desired goal for which he gets a lot of female attention now as he has worked very hard to get in shape .
Arjun Kapoor lost for about 65kg's to form the physique he is in now which is not a joke but he did so with his dedication and perseverance to attain his goal which was merely impossible for anybody as it took around 2 years for him to do so and he got rewarded with an amazing body .
His biggest inspiration and mentor who made him get into the required shape to achieve the body he has always thought of in Salman Khan who has trained him for his debut movie and try his luck in the Bollywood , also Salman gave him additional diet tips to follow the be in required shape and see results .

Earlier Arjun used to eat like hell so he had to take control on his diet and maintain the right balance between workout and diet so that he could gain muscle and strength
One doesn't need to follow any diet blindly but initially need to monitor the amount of carbs , protein , fiber and fat intake and calculate the intake accordingly with amount of workout one does . The right ratio has to be maintained between carbs , protein and fats as Arjun Kapoor was made to follow a 2500 cal diet which consists of 40% protein , 40%carbs and 20%fat .


Arjun Kapoor Diet Regime -

Breakfast :  4-6 egg whites , toast , oat , omelet , blueberries .
Lunch : Chapatti (made of bajra , high in fiber ), Dal , Chicken breast , Broccoli , turkey .
Mid Meal : lean steak, spinach, peppers & mushrooms .
Dinner : Fish , chicken , protein shakes , lots of water and strictly no carbs , spinach, mixed peppers.
Before Bed : 6 Egg whites

Arjun Kapoor lost for about 65kg's to form the physique he is in now which is not a joke but he did so with his dedication and perseverance to attain his goal which was merely impossible for anybody as it took around 2 years for him to do so and he got rewarded with an amazing body .

Arjun was among the people who used food as a weapon to fight stress and was always ready to eat something as he was a big time foodie , ate all the junk stuff available in market and to gain the physique of his dreams he had to make radical shifts to his diet which is amazing . Being a dedicated person he had to maintain a difference from all the junk stuff he used to have which means no rice , bread and pasta at all which is a big deal for a 140 kg guy .

He used to have protein rich foods as an alternate to those stuff which were high in carb and fat . Food stuff such as lean red meat , beans , protein smoothie , cheese , yogurt , whole grain , nuts , cereals , fruits , veggies he included in his diet instead of all that junk stuff , also he had cheat meal days as he did twice in a week so that he remains aligned to his objective and doesn't get demotivated as fitness in now pivotal to him which helps him to dominate the craving for junk food .



Getting fit to fat Arjun Kapoor got killer abs which anybody inevitably will want to have but it wont happen in a magic spell , you have to put some efforts to get chiseled body. A right balance of cardio and muscle training has to be maintained which may include strength and stretching exercises as stretching exercises enhance stability and blood circulation which will ultimately prompt your body to shred fat increasing the number of lean muscle . Working out is key to lose fat as one has to kick start workout to lean his body off .
His fitness trainer choose some of food items in his diet that Arjun likes to have so that he should enjoy the transformation and do not feel demotivated for which he was also allowed to visit restaurants he used to visit earlier . Arjun was made to eat some special dishes that were less in fats rather than than bland food that a typical bodybuilder eat which is a much healthier and long term approach as it does not put strict allegations and allowed Arjun to enjoy his transformation .


For the Gunday look Arjun had to lose further 10kgs for the shirtless scenes he had to do in the film which took about further 16 weeks to support the look and it took immense patience and dedication for Arjun to do so .

Some of the Tips given by Arjun Kapoor and his trainer " An average Joe can also get ripped in the same way Arjun got , the key is to focus on what you do and what you eat that is the right balance has to be maintained . If one does not have a plan the surely he should get one as initially planning is the most important face to kick start your transformations . The  basic need is to spend on your food rather than spending on supplements that one eventually does and forget to plan your diet well .
The diet that one need to follow should not be the same and should be changed at regular intervals to bring in variety so that one should not get bored of it as in case of Arjun , a list  of all his favorite foods had been created and then accordingly his diet plan had been designed , which helped Arjun to stick to the plan for long time as his diet was relatively high protein and moderate fat content . One needs to keep in mind that the processed fats are the main culprits as they are high in fat and low in nutrients whereas the fat intake should be through natural sources such as animal produce and nuts which is much better than oil fats ".




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