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Anant Ambani lost 70kgs, complete workout secret weight loss program



Because of the unbelievable transformation in his body weight Anant Ambani has surprized everyone when he visited Somnath Temple on 19th of March, Sources close to the family have said that he  is trained by a US trainer which has brought this amazing transformation in his physique in such a small amount of time and has lost about 70 kgs of weight.

Thanks to the US trainer who helped him shed oodles of weight. With this transformation that Anant will now be able to take part in runathon conducted at the Reliance refinery at Jamnagar which would be a proud moment for the family as the kid is being appreciated by whole of the industry and the family.



Anant was reportedly suffering from hypothyroidism, that leads to severe weight gain, when the person consumes anything, but after all this such a transformation in such small time is commendable. This is almost half of what he weighed a few months ago. It is believed that the boy now spends a lot of time training and running marathons.

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