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LeBron James Workout plan extreme 1 hour training routine


 LeBron James :

LeBron James workout plan is about what you'd expect from the most precocious superstar in sports--a blend of cutting-edge training techniques and classic muscle-building exercises .  For example, James does his squats standing on a vibrating platform, which sounds strange, but scientists have found that training this way can boost strength and power.


Paul Walker Diet plan complete nutrition tips fitness secrets


Paul Walker Diet :

Walker is a follower of the Paleo Diet aka the Caveman diet. It is named this, because the foods comprising the Paleo Diet are based on the presumed ancient diet of flora and fauna that humans used to hunt to survive, and consume during the Paleolithic era, which ended in 10,000 B.C.


Paul Walker Workout complete fitness exercise plan for fast furious movies blue workout

paul-walkerPaul Walker Workout :

His weight-training plan helps him to maintain the functionality of his body for maximum performance in sports that he takes seriously. His routine is a 4-day split where he trains 4 days on and 1 day off…


Brock Lesnar Diet plan WWE superstar meal secrets to get rock solid body, complete nutrition plan


Brock Lesnar :

Intense training with such a body needs a high demand of energy . Brock’s diet is high in protein with an insane amount of calories to prepare him for a grueling training session.