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Jennifer Aniston Diet plan revealed to her fitness secret


Jennifer Aniston Diet secrets :

The hardest part for most people to getting the Jennifer Aniston look is the diet.

Jennifer was one of the first celebrities to use The Zone to stay in shape. The way she is looking better with every new year proves that its working for her.


Drew Barrymore Diet plan her weight loss tips all revealed


Drew Barrymore :

Drew barrymore  battled with weight problems earlier in her career, but her starring roles in the Charlie's Angels movies showed what great shape she'd in now.

She sticks to a sensible 3 meals a day, and deals with hunger pangs by snacking on Diet Coke or low fat Jell-O.

For exercise she makes sure that she enjoys herself - by going jogging, dancing and playing crazy golf!


Salma Hayek Diet plan and weight loss secrets


Salma Hayek Diet plan :

As a mother and one of the world's most beautiful women, Salma Hayek has quite a balancing act to pull off.

Salma doesn't religiously follow any particular diet. However, if she overindulges, she restricts her calories for a few days by skipping dinner and getting a early night's sleep.


Jessica Alba diet plan routine all body beauty secrets to weight loss revealed


Jessica Alba Diet :

From the early age of 12 Jessica Alba decided to modify her diet so she wouldn't follow in the foot steps of her heavily overweight family. Jessica Alba eats a balanced diet and shies away from eating carbs to keep her body in svelte shape for many of her more revealing roles.